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Moment to Change- Change Lingerie

First things first, I am super thankful to Change lingerie that they wanted to join in with our project 65 Year Itch and saw a future in change.

Secondly I found out that I always have been wearing my bra wrong.

Two things what I learned from experts in their shop:

Woman should wear their bra underneath the Scapula (shoulder blades). This little adjustment makes all the difference in the fit, functionality and comfort of the bra. When you wear the bra the correct way you eliminate skin bulges on your back for more beautiful smooth look. Clothes never look better on you!

Additionally the shop manager taught me how to adjust the front of the bra. Hold the band of the bra steady with one hand and with other hand pull all the breast up inside the bra to give a fuller illusion.

Sorry to the guys, but now you know couple of our secrets and love us even more <3

And one more thing: you can get they have two sided sticky tape designed specifically for keeping the neckline in place, on a gown for example, and you never need to worry about accidentally being too revealing. Also great for helping some troublesome buttons on you shirt, keeps em' from poppin.

At 6 AM in Carvi hotel, getting ready for the shoot. I was wearing two sets of briefs just like Marilyn did. It gave me confidence and I believe Marilyn felt the same way when the 6 train was blowing by.

Before the shoot in Carvi hotel Change Lingerie box opening

Same place, same time 65 years later: feeling amazing.

Thank you Change! <3

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