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Meeting with Kirill Safonov

First time I met Kirill about 7 Years ago in a huge Boudoir designer market. It was enormous market full of products, show cases, restaurants, people hanging around. During the time I was promoting there JJ-Street dance school and we took a trip around the market with my dancing buddies, we were being quite silly and joking about everything, when my girly side noticed this beautiful forest green winter coat decorated with black lace a true work of art. That is how you notice Kirill from huge crowd by his unique style.

So during this seven years he fixed me up with many beautiful dresses and couple of eye catching winter coats which were always inspired by beautiful women in history or some other drama:)

Kirill Safonov design inspired by Swan Lake

Skirt designed by Kirill 50s style

First Marilyn inspiration by Kirill Safonov

Therefore I knew he is the one who can make the magic happen and I surprised Kirill with my out of nowhere visit in this August and ask if he has time to do dress inspired by Marilyn’s William Travilla dress. I guess actually he had a lot of projects going on but he was as passionate and happy about this upcoming project of 65 Year Itch as I was. And he made my dreams to reality again.

Kirill Designing "Flying Skirt"

Thank you Kirill for being amazing and passionate about art! I can't wait to wear this dress you made. <3

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