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All about Itch

I used to be a brunette and more curvy, when I felt that blondes are somehow more loved and noticed. So I took a long route being again blonde. Eventually I had to cut my hair short cause of the color damage. And then I started to hear that- You look just like Marilyn Monroe.That time I didn't have a genuine love towards her, but remembered that I used to see here in bnw movies during my childhood. More I heard about her, more I wanted to know what is more common than the appearance. And I found there is so much more.

So now I decided to celebrate Marilyn Monroe on this September 15 in New York ( Original location Lexington Avenue between 52nd and 53rd). It will be 65 years from iconic moment in cinema history, when she had a moment with "flying skirt". Billy Wilder, director of "The Seven Year Itch" couldn't imagine even in his wildest dreams that this moment will be written in history.

I believe with that particular moment Marilyn broke many taboos in Womanhood. What one woman should and shouldn't do? How long needs to be a skirt? How should I be acting to look modest? Should a woman hide her sex appeal not to anger anyone? How to be a proper woman? How to keep the husband but do the career? She crossed the limits. Big time! Many people thought it was indecent vulgar act, including her husband Joe DiMaggio, who raced away from set and later they got divorced. But and there is a big but... in 1954 when it happened... I believe it changed, Marilyn changed boundaries for Women today.

Right photo: Birgit Visuals

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