About the tribute

Everyone is invited on 15. September to join with us and snap a photo or video to celebrate the most iconic moment in Cinema's history.


Idea of the event came year and a half ago in a windy March day while a shooting NYC with Danny Draper Tirmizi. My dress was getting just blown up and I was laughing and twirling instead of pushing it down. So we googled out that it happened right here in NYC and the closest rounder date will be 15. Sept 2019, therefore we had to wait not to miss an opportunity.  Main team of the event contains a small group of very committed individuals. 


Scene of the tribute will be redirected by Ted Erne, director of NYFW. 



Cinematographers are Eric Richardson and Alessandro Rafanelli, operating in NYFW.



Model and a producer is Mia Helena, one woman with thousand faces. Known in her country Estonia for Expressions jewelry campaign.



Designer of the dress is Kirill Safonov, one of the best and well-known artists in Baltic Countries.




Hair and Make-up will be Elvina Djimal, talented artist also working currently in NYFW.



Expressions Eesti


CHANGE  Lingerie